Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rangda Follow-Up

That was a hell of a show!
John Allingham of legendary Nashville psych outfit Cherry Blossoms opened up the set with a solo electric set, also playing the staple kazoo and harmonica. The last two songs he performed, he asked Chris Corsano (Corsano Flower Duo) to join him. What a treat it was to see that occur. John's style of guitar is so fresh and expressive. He holds nothing back.
As it turns out, no one holding a guitar tonight had any other idea in mind but to play to the bitter end! It was a night full full full of incredibly talented and inventive guitars ... and more.
Following John's set was Seattle, Washington's Diminished Men. Just read these reviews to get a feel.... I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Indeed it was a really wild carnival-surf-psych-dub event. A great and talented trio. These guys had a great connection which lent itself to some impeccably braided guitar and very physical drumming. Pretty seamless and space surfy....truly the best of combinations.
If it could get better than that, something along the lines of Rangda would have had to follow-up. Headlining convincingly, they jumped right into two great songs off of their record, False Flag. Long, endless, swimmy, mile-deep guitar drones of Ben Chasny and Richard Bishop. Chris Corsano behind them choreographing a distant battalion of independently moving boulders and lightning bolts somehow steeped in the wold's finest improvisational music. Kudos to both of these touring groups, Best of luck on the Road, and everyone should check them out. They're coming up to NY in a couple of weeks and many points in between.
The last set of the night was the other local bookend for the evening. Two more highly motivated and talented artists we've got on lock-down here in Nashville - Leslie Keffer (Laundromat Squelchers) and Scott Martin (Forrest Bride, Hands Off Cuba) finished the night off with some swervy electric music from deep within their individual foggy skulls. Just how we like 'em.
Thanks to all, to Open Lot and Chris Davis.

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