Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rangda does Nashville, Monday September 13th

Rangda is an incredible psych and rock trio consisting of Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls, Eddy Detroit, Alvarius B), Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets On Fire), and Chris Corsano (Flower Corsano Duo, Jailbreak). They have released their only record so far on Drag City records, and goddamn it is beautiful! The trance elements and rough, swelling compositions are hypnotic and enchanting.
Rangda is coming to Nashville to play Open Lot fresh off of this year's Boomslang Fest courtesy, I hear, of the ever hard-working Chris Davis.
Rangda was Reviewed this year by the BBC in May, and Here is a whole slew of video of their live performances.
The performance is to start promptly at 9 and the suggested price is $15, $10 if you can't. Though, you are way welcome to pay more than that. 
It is incredibly important for Nashville to be able to get shows like this, so come out and if you're not in the area, spread the word. This is gonna be big!
Rounding out the evening we have many great sonic treats!

John Allingham (Cherry Blossoms) will be playing. John is one of my top guitar players locally and otherwise! His style is so real and uninhbited, a pure and free guitar sound certainly folky and pretty surfy to boot!

Leslie Keffer (Laundromat Squelchers) and Scott Martin (Hands Off Cuba, Forrest Bride) will also be duo'ing it up! Two great minds and busy busy hard-working artists coming together! Together, they're going to fry your mind, or what's left of it, just as separately they never fail to impress.

Diminished Men on Abduction records will be sharing the bill with them all. Their lp Shadow Instrumentals is sold out on Forced Exposure (they only pressed 500), so you gotta come and see if you can get one! They're on their way down on a tour that will be putting them back up in Brooklyn here shortly. I am very excited to see what they're showing around the East Coast these days.....

Among this constituency of John, Leslie, Scott, and Chris, one has an irreplaceable production unit generating some of the best music programming in the city currently. Thank you guys for all you do -- officially! Thanks!

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