Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In the past month, I have begun airing a radio program at the school I attend. On the radio, one will be able to hear the best and most interesting music I have heard, or am listening to at the time. Also, information is given about the artists, a piece's availability and sources.
In all, information is the premium there. In combination with inspiration of course.
Why should you listen to the show?
The pursuit of the finest music the actively listening spirit can handle has been the pursuit for well over a decade now. This objective has borne fruit in its short and dedicated time spent.
What could you hear?
Anything, by and large. The first show covered surf music from Chile to N. America; Mexico to Peru. Bands like: Los Belkings, Los Holy's, The Index, Link Wray, The Phantom Surfers, The Same People, and more.
Since, the opportunity has been taken to air the likes of: Throbbing Gristle, Leif Elggren, Jim O'Rourke, Darin Gray, Grand Ulena, Alch3Mi$t, Albert Ayler, Neko Case, Chris and Cosey, Cornelius, Grails, He Can Jog, Ariel Pink, Daniel Lofthagen, The Conet Project, Alice Coltrane, Forrest Bride, Lambchop, Hands Off Cuba, Juana Molina, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Pankelfars & Blund, Lightdreams, Linda Perhacs, The Cherry Blossoms, Eddy Detroit, and much much more.
The psychedelic aspects of all the above and to-be mentioned artists will be given special attention. Such could be a running theme for the show. But, this is a freedom radio in a way. The rules are quite minimal and advertising is non existent, and we don't need or ask for any money. I assume all is taken care of by the school, though I, as of yet, have no part in that.
Airing every Tuesday night via live Quicktime stream from 6-8pm NY Eastern Time @:
Your host there is ADHDJ, the Younger.

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