Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In the near future, you will find here downloads of featured music, archived playlists, and links to recorded interviews which will be conducted on and/or for the radio show at WQMC.

Two pieces of information:

Throbbing Gristle will be playing at the Masonic Temple in Brooklyn the 16th of April here in New York.
The interview before the show will be conducted by Fabio Roberti at; his wonderful and amazing show airing every Wednesday night from 8-11 Eastern Time. Failure with Fabio is his show title, and his archived shows and mp3 archives are extensive and entertaining.

The Radio will soon be airing two really special, maybe three, interviews and personality exposures in the nearer future. I am trying to get in touch with Mr. Roberti, for such, and also for his expertise in Fireworks Edition label founder Leif Elggren.He is also a member, as am I, of Styx Forlag, the Stockholm-based publishing house and more. Both of these gentlemen will hopefully be sought for a recorded interview from now til the Summer when Mr. Elggren will be in New York for the No Fun Fest. Also, we have members from the North American band Let's Say Baltimore here in New York and we're trying to devise a way to record a live performance. Associated material to soon be covered contains Fognode, The Good Rester, Let's Say Baltimore, The Doomers, and a selection of records provided by Leif Elggren from the Fireworks Edition label.

Tune in and enjoy.
Tuesday nights 6-8pm Eastern Time @:

A selection of interviews with Leif Elggren can be found here:

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