Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I AM an LWA....

Last Spring I got my letter-writing honey and I memberships to the Chicago-based Letter Writer's Alliance. The enrollment papers, need I say, were quite remarkable. I, nay, we now join the ranks proudly as card-carrying members of the LWA.

In their fair city, since 2007 by Kathy Zadrozny & Donovan Beeson host wonderful events, contribute to their respective blogs, and manage the alluring if not niche gift shop available on their site and space. An afternoon to evening in a public space filled with typewriters, envelopes, letterhead, and postage is an event I would love to recreate - so open, so playful. Be sure to check out their free download-able goodies HERE.
Letter writing has always been a part of my life, and my life has been so rich due to these tangible interactions. Lately my correspondence is just that, letter-form, but I do still flex the postal art aspects, too, though mostly with postcards. But, hey, though you will likely not get a return letter, write a couple of letters a year at least. Reach out and let that person/place/thing you're thinking of share something with you, though he/she/it/they are in a different time and place.

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