Monday, May 9, 2011

Indeterminacies @ Zeigeist - May 10th, 2011 - Mark Volker w/ Erin Bradfield

Photo by Andrew Alexander
Zeitgeist and AIA Middle Tennessee are primed to host their third annual Indeterminacies this Tuesday night from 6-8 pm at Zeitgeist art gallery located at 1819 21st Avenue South in Nashville's Hillsboro Village.
This installation of the Indeterminacies schedule will present the works of professor Mark Volker, moderated by Erin Bradfield,  and concludes the Spring installment of Indeterminacies. The Fall schedule will be available at the gallery's/architecture firm's website soon.
Mark Volker is a composer. On the side he is Assistant Professor at Belmont's Music School. He appears on both Elemental Forces on Centaur Records CD, and Volume 3 of ERMmedia's Masterworks of the New Era. He is a highly awarded professional composer, having been performed and recorded across the globe, and being featured by numerous festivals. From a brief press release:

"Known for his colorful harmonic language and orchestration, as well as his facility with both electronic and traditional instrumentations...."

Our moderator for the evening, Erin Bradfield, is a Ph.D. candidate in the philosophy department who works on aesthetics. Her dissertation is about the role of silence in the production and reception of art and involves arguments about the work of Andy Warhol, Gordon Matta-Clark, and David Lynch.[from the Vanderbilt University department of art and science, Writing Studio staff page.]
About the evening's event, Volker is quoted:

“I will present a new work for two percussionists, flute, violin, and cello, a set of songs for voice and guitar, my flute piece “Deep Winter” and a very recent work for electric guitar, interactive electronics, and dance (I hope to have a video of the dance that I can play with the performance).”

Tony Youngblood's Theatre Intangible has a bit on the show as well HERE.
See the Facebook Event site HERE.

Newly installed works will be seen in the gallery by artists Brent Stewart and Patrick DeGuira.

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