Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indeterminacies @ Zeigeist - April 12th, 2011 - Mark Snyder w/ Jonathan Marx

Nashville is getting a real treat with next Tuesday's 2nd Annual Indeterminacies program!!! Composer and multimedia artist Mark Snyder is going to be hosted by Zeitgeist, an event moderated by Jonathan Marx. The instrumentalist storyteller is going to bring his accessible modern compositions right to us. He purports a blend of technology while building upon his ultimate desire to engage listeners, reinforced by his ability to play multiple instruments within his sets and perform a congruous simultaneous video art piece conglomerate of both found and computer generated images. His is a fascinating and humble sound, showing true marks of both his long-standing musical and professorial careers.
Mark currently lives in Florence, Alabama where he holds position as Assistant Professor of Entertainment Industry at the University of North Alabama at which he directs the Electroacoustic Juke Joint. He has taught courses ranging from general computer skills for musicians to the history and practice of electronic music, new music ensemble, and scoring for film, theater, and digital media.

Mark has written for orchestra, choir, wind ensemble, various chamber combinations, multi-media, film, theatre and dance. His music has been performed throughout the United States, Argentina, Europe, New Zealand, Taiwan and selected for festivals and conferences that include Third Practice, Electronic Music MidWest, National Flute Association, North American Saxophone Alliance, SCI, SEAMUS, Ocean, Imagine and the Imagine 2 Electro-Acoustic Festival which Mark founded and directed. His work has been supported by generous grants from several organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts.
As a performer, Mark has recorded and toured the U.S. with with an eclectic list of ensembles: One Ring Zero, Paper Radio, Dirtball, Edison's Talking Machine, Nature Boy Explorer, Amorphic Revelation, Easy Chair, Spike the Dog, Klezalachia, GB, J. D. Hutchinson, and Billy Rhinehart.  Dr. Snyder earned his D.M.A. from the University of Memphis, an M.M. from Ohio University and a B.A. from the University of Mary Washington.
Using a laptop, video projector, clarinet, tuba and accordion, Mark Snyder creates instrumental multimedia compositions, orchestrated with live instrument processing, prerecorded sounds, and video. Mark’s compositions have been described as “a fantastic and colorful sonic journey of musical storytelling.”

Do visit his Society of ComposersVimeo, LastFM, Myspace and Facebook pages, too.

Butterfly from Mark Snyder on Vimeo.

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