Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heavy Listening

I just recently received Firework Edition Label's <The Summerhouse> by M.Esposito & L.Elggren. It was a generous gift, which I absolutely enjoy.
Any of those interested in field recordings, and/or the world of EVP, are in for a treat.
The notes are amazing. They contain a wonderful tale by Elggren regarding some mysterious characters, including 'ol Swedenborg.
His teeth supposedly regenerated in this house, in the above photo, courtesy of the label. Also in this house, Swedenborg was in constant and direct contact with the spirits, assuming a secretarial role for himself, transcribing the multi-dimensional conversations or info blasts he was getting.
Included also is a recipe for the revered and top secret Semla. You're going to have to email either of us to find out if your interested....

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