Monday, January 19, 2009

for JF, for Fun

It is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s day of national celebration in the United States and I am going to Coney Island. I anticipate a hidden city made of crystal, though I've been there before; the road to, a swinging, singing bridge which will, of course, remind me of Memphis.
All of this John Fahey has told me over the years.
Currently, the swooning around here is done by Anthony Moore's 1971 "Pieces from the Cloudland Ballroom."
The Book of Am has been calling us back towards Spain and sand and sun and we'll do our snowy best to replicate a sigh of relief from our ocean here in New York, all the way, all the way.
To big sniffs of life and the eyes and ears of experience.
Adio Adonai!

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