Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Singing Shadow at Zeitgeist, Nashville, October 28th, 2010

the Singing Shadow

Thursday October 28th starting at 7PM

Adrian Rose
Kelli Shay Hix
Ben Marcantel
1819 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN in Hillsboro Village

Nashville band, LYLAS, in conjunction with puppeteer and puppet-maker, Adrian Rose (of the Nashville Public Library's Wishing Chair Productions and the Mechanical Animals Puppet Caravan) presents the premiere of their musical shadow puppet piece, The Singing Shadow. Through live music, live action, and the magic of shadow puppetry, the piece tells the story of The Singing Shadow, a wayward creature of the night who stumbles into Halloween, where he encounters a world of bizarre creatures led by the stately Miss Halloween. 

The Singing Shadow is a 15 minute piece and incorporates live music written and performed by longtime Nashville band, LYLAS, and video animation by local filmmakers Ben Marcantel and Kelli Shay Hix. The show is recommended for adults and for children over 7 years of age and will be followed by a question and answer session and a short chat on shadow puppetry and its history. The entire program is scheduled for 45 minutes. 

Kyle Hamlett composed the music for, and performs in, LYLAS present The Singing Shadow. A musician and songwriter Hamlett founded the musical project LYLAS over ten years ago. LYLAS morphed over the years into an amorphous musical project, utilizing a rotating cast of some of the finest musicians living in Nashville and incorporating a vast array of instrumentation from cello and violin to theramin, pedal steel, and the singing saw. 

Adrian Rose is the primary puppeteer and puppet-maker for the show. For the past five years, she has worked as puppeteer and puppet-maker for Nashville's Wishing Chair Productions at the Nashville Public Library. Adrian has built puppets for companies including Dollywood and BriAnimations, and performed with the Nashville Symphony's production of Peter and the Wolf. In 2007, she founded the puppet company, Mechanical Animals Puppet Caravan. 

Ben Marcantel created the video effects for the performance. Marcantel is one of the founders of the Nashville musical collective, Forrest Bride (named one of the top 10 bands to watch 2010 for by the Scene), and has created numerous short videos and music videos for bands including Hands Off Cuba, William Tyler, and LYLAS. 

Kelli Shay Hix is animator, screenplay writer, and violinist for LYLAS present The Singing Shadow. Hix is also a solo musician and member of several bands in Nashville, including LYLAS and the Forrest Bride Collective, and maker of visual art and short films. 

There will be a suggested donation for the troupe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Circuit Benders Ball - Nashville October 23rd

Circuit Benders’ Ball

Open Lot
1307 Jewell Street
Nashville, TN

Saturday October 23rd
Workshops 2pm-6pm
Performances 6:30pm -12:30am
Open Lot in association with Geek Media Expo and Theatre Intangible present the Circuit Benders’ Ball, a day-long celebration of the art of the bend. American artist Reed Ghazala accidentally discovered circuit bending in 1966 when a toy amplifier short circuited with his metal desk. Since then, circuit bending has become its own genre of visual and auditory art with masters such as Tim Kaiser and Thriftsore Boratorium advancing the field. The Circuit Benders’ Ball will feature two stages, eleven bands, an interactive art gallery, and two electronic workshops. The roster of talent includes Tim Kaiser, Thrifsore Boratorium, CMKT4, Ben Marcantel, Dave X, Jeremy Walker, Robbie Hunsinger, and more. The festival is $10, and the workshops are $15 each. If you buy a ticket for both workshops, you get into the festival for free. Geek Media Expo passholders also get in for free.

The workshops at the Circuit Benders Ball are for all ages and all skill levels. These classes are a perfect introduction to electronics for children, students, and everyone! The classes have limited seating and will fill up fast. To reserve your spot, send an e-mail to Specify which class(es) you want and how many spots you want to reserve.

Make Your Own Contact Mic w/ CMKT4 2pm-3:30pm $15
If you’ve ever frequented, then you’ve probably seen the famous bottle-cap contact mic. The mic’s creators will guide you in making your own, using their newly unveiled contact mic kit. Purchase additional kits for just $10 and take your creations home with you!

Circuit Bending 101 w/ Cincinatti’s Thriftsore Boratorium 4pm-6pm $10-$15
Don’t know one end of a soldering iron from another? Mark and Karl from the Cincinnati hackerspace Thriftsore Boratorium will show you how to make your electronic toys howl, squelch, sputter, and sing. The workshop is absolutely essential for beginners with enough fresh insights to make it worthwhile for the experienced bender. Learn soldering/bending tips, how to scope our your local thrift stores, what make the best bending candidates, and more. For $15, we will provide all the equipment you need, including components soldering tools. After the workshop, you get to keep your newly-bent bent toy!
Bring your own toy and electronics and pay only $10.

With performances by:
Tim Kaiser, Thriftsore Boratorium, CMKT4, Ben Marcantel, DaveX, Jeremy Walker, Robbie Hunsinger, Malocchio, Theatre Intangible LIVE, Freya West Electric Burlesque w/ Score by Aaron Doenges, and The Blight Side of Life.

Visual Art & Video Projections by:
Derek Schartung, Sabine Schlunk, Kelli Shay Hix, Austin Alexander, Alex Wolfe, Anderson Cook, Matt Christy, Tim Kaiser, CMKT4, Patricia Earnhardt, Devin Lamp, Thriftsore Boratorium, William Davis, Devin Bell, Jeremy Walker, Ben Marcantel.

All Ages
Festival Pass $10
Free to Geek Media Expo Passholders
Workshops $15 each
Both Workshops + Festival Pass $30

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thinking Celluar

These prints are the first efforts in a project I am looking to initiate with a friend and artist, Marc Byndas. He is currently away working on a 60" boat named Kailani heading from Marmaris to Gibraltar to San Francisco..., or Seattle, ... I forget because I believe it changed once already....may have come up with that on my own.
But, I am following his lead with these prints, trying to inhabit his dangerous mind space, hoping to make this into a different collaborative project in the near future, on with a better scanner.
Here's to Marc. Careful out there, sailor.

Cell I_II

Cell II_I

Cell III_I

Cell IV_I