Monday, May 25, 2009


And in follow-up to the Andrew Alexander photography press, here is a video by a fellow photographer & producer, Brian Siskind, of Beat Hollow, a Queens label and studio.

The film, titled "Ideas," is a short meditation on just that, but with another subject - an artist. The film follows some of the ideas behind Alexander's work, while explaining and experimenting with similar methods of image reprodution, projection, replication. 
It's is a great short film on a working artist in which theory and method are discussed.
It is a very interesting, entertaining, short by Beat Hollow founder, Brian Siskind.
Highly recommended viewing.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heavy Listening

I just recently received Firework Edition Label's <The Summerhouse> by M.Esposito & L.Elggren. It was a generous gift, which I absolutely enjoy.
Any of those interested in field recordings, and/or the world of EVP, are in for a treat.
The notes are amazing. They contain a wonderful tale by Elggren regarding some mysterious characters, including 'ol Swedenborg.
His teeth supposedly regenerated in this house, in the above photo, courtesy of the label. Also in this house, Swedenborg was in constant and direct contact with the spirits, assuming a secretarial role for himself, transcribing the multi-dimensional conversations or info blasts he was getting.
Included also is a recipe for the revered and top secret Semla. You're going to have to email either of us to find out if your interested....

Green Porno

If you haven't watched any of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno on Sundance, you should really check it out. It is hilarious, beautiful, and truly exemplary short film.
It is wild that she is putting this stuff out with this team.
They are in the second season now, but one can watch them all for free on the Sundance site for free. I really recommend starting with the first season.
They look a lot better on the site than on YouTube.


Custom Search Engine

To inform you all -
The collection/group known as The New Pantheon Library has had a Google Custom Search Engine which you all can use for your research.
The link is HERE.
From there you can use our service, see to where you can email to contribute to the sites, and also obtain the Google Gadget for your own webpages.
If you use it, we would love to know.